Monday, June 8, 2009

Tom Stoppard is a brilliant man.

He really is! Arcadia is so wonderful that I managed to stay awake the entire 3 hours of the show! And the show is not only for mathematicians, but also for archivists. Hence, I am in love! It's playing until next weekend at Folger Theatre, so go if you can!

My last couple of reviews!

13) Geek Charming by Robin Palmer

To say that I enjoyed this book would be a lie. And, it is not the book's fault at all, it is mine. I was reading it at the time that I was so utterly exhausted that my eyes kept skipping bits and therefore had to go back and re-read whole paragraphs sometimes. If there was a possibility that I was sleep-reading, this book would show proof. But, march on I did. No, the book itself was light and fun, a retelling of the frog prince story. Which, you have to admit, is not done at all pretty much. I do like the ending and how it wasn't completely formulaic. It was like Dylan got the ending that Parker was looking for in Cracked Up to Be.

Page count: 338

14) Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs

I revived myself in time to read this book. It helped that for the most part, I was standing at my window reading it and for some reason, it helped me concentrate a whole lot better. You know, there is nothing like "normal is the new loser" which Phoebe finds out when she ends up at her new school, a school for the descendants of the Greek gods. Complete with running, a pesky stepsister, and an amazingly hot and mean guy/god, there is plenty of adventure in this book.

Page count: 264

Total pages read: 3829

Thank goodness I'm done!

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