Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hour (what are we on?)

What have I been reading?

Yes, that's right. Jean Webster's The Wheat Princess. Back when I first started to read her books (I love Daddy-Long-Legs and Dear Enemy), I never picked up on some of the iffy things. Like dealing with the mentally handicapped children at the orphanage. In this book, there was a comment about how one of the characters tried to "assist the Negroes in the United States but found they were too lazy to bother to work for assistance". This book is not moving along as snappily as her others and I'm not sure if it is worth the effort to finish it. We'll see.

Why do patrons have to keep bothering me when I'm trying to read/write?

Here's another picture one. From a book I read recently and loved!

Can you guess what it is?


Alita said...

Arg, no guesses for the second one. Hope you're having a great read-a-thon!

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

If you are still reading at this hour, I hope you are having a great readathon! :D

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Huh, not sure about that second puzzle either (I'm dreadful at guessing them :) Thanks for playing!

Kate said...

Read that story
For Readathon glory
Give that book a lookie
Just not that book by Snooki!
Go, Readathon!

*well, unless you really like Snooki...