Sunday, June 8, 2008

48 Hour Book Challenge - Books 6 & 7

Total number of books read: 7

Total pages read: 2025

Total hours spent reading: 20 hours

You know, it's sad when a 150 page book takes longer to read than a 300 page book. Oops. Here goes my last two books to review!

The Outrageous Oriel by Sally Watson
Total pages: 156

I have to say that at the end of reading this one, my first thought was "Sally Watson did not just go there!". But, I think she did. Of course, I can't say anything in depth about what exactly she did do because, well, there would go the ending. But, I have to wonder if a) this book was written back in the 1960s when she was writing her other children's books and was just never published, or if it is indeed a completely new story. It was nice having characters discussed in Lark explored in full. The main character, Oriel, was the eldest sister of Lark. The middle sister only briefly mentioned in her for her excellent housekeeping skills is in another newly published Sally Watson book, Loyal and the Dragon. That's another one that I'm looking forward to reading (especially if it has more of Alex from Witch of the Glens. That's something I love about her books, the way that you can somewhat indirectly follow the lives of characters from other books. They aren't in a series and can be all stand alone, but there is a nice tasty treat inside them if you are interested in finding out the current happenings of favorite characters. Or at least their descendants! Overall, not my favorite of hers, but still an enjoyable read.

Queste by Angie Sage
Total pages: 596

I do enjoy this series, even if I was confused in the beginning about what exactly was going on because I had completely forgotten about Septimus's brother Nicko being sucked out of time. Good thing that Jenna and Septimus are on the case! Though the villain does not make his presence truly known in this one unlike DomDaniel in previous volumes and the ending seemed a bit rushed and quickly resolved, it was still an enjoyable read. It does make me wonder where and if this series is going anywhere next. There was really no dramatic cliffhanger, though there was also no "yay and they all live happily ever after" either. So, the ending was kind of up in the air. And, really, no deaths. How strange!

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