Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tireless pursuit of the lamest joke.

Can I just say that Jasper Fforde is brilliant? Well, there you are.

Stretch your mind back two weeks ago, I, along with Peggy, attended the Jasper Fforde reading at Politics & Prose in DC. I drove the two of us there, and might I say I was just too pleased with my parking.

That's me next to my CR-V. I hadn't parallel parked since my road test years ago (swore I never would), but look what I managed to do in the "big" city?! And, it was pure perfection, just about an inch from the curb.

Just added to the bliss of the event. Jasper is a hilarious man, just like you would expect if you were to read his books. I had trouble at times seeing him, seeing as I'm so short, but I adored his voice. I have about six pages written up about the event in my personal journal, so I won't bore you to tears, although I love the fact he asked a museum gift shop worker if they sold "Dodo Home Cloning Kits" and she told him to come back in 25 years. Though, I'm mighty glad that Pickwick is Pickwick and not Elmo the Cat. That and when I was flying home, the presentation by the flight attendents was just like the one presented by Jasper and Mari.

I went crazy at the signing part because I had brought a couple books from home (U.K. editions) to see if he would sign them, and he did. He even did a little "Plock!" on one of my Thursday Next books when I asked if he would, just because I love Pickwick and saying "Plock". Actually, I adore the Pickwick graphic on his site (Pickwick's Cavalcade of Fun) where he runs across the screen saying "Plock". Maybe I have issues.

And, I didn't act like a complete idiot when I talked to him, though I did ramble on a bit why I have the UK editions. But, that was ok because I ended up having a nice little chat with Mari because she actually grew up in the next town over from Carmarthen (Llanstefan). And, her mom teaches art at the school there. And, it was all very exciting. Plus, I got a picture with the two of them! (People didn't seem to be taking many pictures, but there I was with mine, bwhahahaha!!!!)

Never fear, though, for I did have an opportunity to make a stupid comment to a remotely famous person (well, famous in my books). Robert Hunt! After seeing him in Les Miserables that weekend (and loving his performance as Javert as ever), I asked to get a picture with him, telling him that "I've loved you for three years!". When something like "I've been a fan of yours for three years" or "I've loved your Javert for three years" would have been a bit more apropos. Still, front row seats is not a thing to be scoffed at, especially when it is your friend's 100th performance.

I also enjoyed "A Most Notorious Woman", a one-woman show about Grace O'Malley (and the foxy English queen and all the men who loved her) as well as the new musical "Glory Days". Both viewed at the DC Fringe Festival.

Today I received two new books. The Fox by Sherwood Smith which I've very excited about because the first book in the series was very fun and Little Lady, Big Apple by Hester Browne, which I have read, but was a suprise gift from my friend.

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