Monday, June 11, 2007

How I live now

You know, when starting a new blog, or a new journal, or new anything, you feel like you need to say something crushingly intelligent. Or at least spell things properly. Two things at which I'm bound to fail (notice, mom, no hanging "at"!). Oh, yes, you can tell I've earned my master's degree.

This blog was created due to the 23 Things library program from which I will hopefully learn exciting new things about technology; all of which will be recorded faithfully in this blog. That is if I want to receive my CEUs. Of course, it seems almost silly right now seeing as I've yet to receive my certification. Though it was submitted last February (or was it January?). I don't intend to lose my job now that I have it!

The name of my blog, "Castell Glas", is translated from the Welsh into "Blue Castle" which happens to be my favorite book (it's by L.M. Montgomery and you should check it out if you haven't already). I have a thing for Wales, as it was the country I did my study abroad in. And Welsh, the natives would have you understand, is the "language of heaven".

Well, back to the real world of checking patrons out (at least their books, not them personally).


cathy said...

hi kristen! thank you for all your help with blogging. I think your blog is really great!!! Cathy

Ms. Yingling said...

I didn't think that anyone else had ever read The Blue Castle. I had even forgotten about it myself-- it's the only Montgomery book I don't own. Also suprised that you've read A Summer to Die ; it's still my favorite book by Lowry. I'll be watchingn your book reviews with interest! Thanks.