Monday, June 18, 2007

Week 3, Thing 5

"Tamsin: Does Cameron need a Christine in London?
David: Hmm, I wonder what Cam will give me in London."

Let's talk about musicals. Specifically Les Miserables. It was the first (two) musicals I saw on Broadway, and, I admit, the last. Don't worry, I have seen other shows between the original production and the revival. About a month ago, I was lucky enough to see Ben Davis as Javert in the revival production. I say lucky, because he was fabulous. Really, one of my favorite Javerts ever. Yesterday, I learned that Cameron Mackintosh fired him. Which was really tragic. And heartbreaking, considering they gave him a bad excuse and it was a role he really wanted to play.

So, for my first exciting Flickr assignment, I thought I would upload to Flickr the picture of Ben and I, just for fun. Clearly, because it has nothing to do with library life.

This is us!

In all reality, I need to post a photo with the label of "mdlearning2". Lacking the resources of a digital camera (so, I'm old fashioned), I bring you an exciting/frightening photo from my past to fulfil this requirement. But first, let's talk about my Flickr experience. I admit, I've used Photobucket since 2003 for my photo uploading needs, but, I was willing to give Flickr a go. And, it isn't all that bad, and features many shiny things that PB doesn't, so, it has quite a few possibilities. Though, goodness knows, I'm a preservationist, thus, resistant to change.

It is quite easy to upload images, though I have only done two so far, and as I had a yahoo account from way back in the dark ages of the late 1990s, I was pretty much all set with that.

So, here's my next photo.

It is from well over a year ago when I was still in library school in Boston. My friend Vita and I were training to be archivists at the Park Street Church archives and discovered this "crazy clown" doll tucked away among some other things that looked like were gifts to missionaries. Perhaps this one was possessed, as it certainly had a very evil expression. Second semester, I worked in the vault alone. Should I ever write a memoir, and should it ever be published, at the time, I was hoping for it to be call: "Locked in a vault: The Tales of an Idiot Archivist". Because, well, we worked in a vault (lucky, an old bank vault and not where they used to keep the dead bodies under the church) and sometimes, the custodians tried to lock us in it.

There! Flickr and stories. Sounds like bedtime to me!


Rachael Vilmar said...

Did you see the Tony's last week? I'm not very in touch with current Broadway stuff (I'm more of a classic awful Andrew Lloyd Weber fan myself), but I was impressed with the stuff from Spring Awakening.

Kristin said...

I did see the Tonys, yes. I really feel like I'm behind on current Broadway trends (as example, my trip last month to Broadway, what did I see? Les Mis and Rent, and that was my first time there in five years).

Spring Awakening. Well, I haven't really liked the Tonys since The Producers swept in 2001 and Jane Eyre: the Musical only got a 90 second singing slot as opposed to the five minutes The Producers got (I'm still bitter).

But, back to the new show, I've heard mixed things about it. Some think it's very forward thinking and awesome, others think it is quite awful. To me, it reminds me a bit of Bare: the Musical (which also featured teens growing up, a girl getting pregnant, homosexuality), but, as I've never seen any of them live (just heard the plot lines and such) I can't really pass judgement.

Good to know there are other musical librarians out there! And, welcome to the Eastern Shore. I'm looking forward to meeting with you.