Thursday, November 8, 2012

I will blame the shoes.

Me in one of my Renn Faire creations. 
Over the past few months, I've taken up a new hobby.  Sewing.  I was inspired by my love of costumes to create one of my own.  After a couple test rounds of Renaissance Faire dresses (where, if you notice in the picture on the right, I even taught myself how to do slashing and hand-sewn eyelets-yes, I'm proud of myself), I settled on my need to make a "Cosette" dress for the opening of the new Les Miserables movie.  Yeah.  Have you seen dresses from the 1830s?  The fine sleeves? 

Well, the movie comes out in less than two months and I am not sure if I am going to make it.  Why?  Because I'm still working on the corded stay.  That's right.  You can't make the dress without the proper undergarments first.  So, I'm stuck on the stay.  Actually, I wouldn't say stuck.  It's actually moving along quite well.  I'm just finishing basting the front and lining together (after mastering a tiny blanket stitch earlier this evening) and will soon be on to the runners.  I hope.

I'm also working on the corded petticoat with rows of tiny cording.  They look cute, but are killer on my fingers since I'm doing that all by hand.  But so cute!

My dress won't be pink. It will have the sleeves, though.
So, will I get the dress done?  I don't know.

Do you know what really inspired this costuming/sewing craze?  I'm going to blame Lauren over at American Duchess.  She sells some of the best shoes for reenactment.  I confess to purchasing both the Kensington and Astoria shoes (with great plans of creating an 18th century wardrobe-I have the fabric, just need the time).  I wear my Astorias for everyday use, they are that comfortable.

"23Skidoos" - ::dies of adorableness overload::
But what I'm most looking forward to now?  The 23Skidoos Spectator pumps.  They are in the "pre-order" stage and I'm crossing my fingers that she gets the 100 orders needed so I can get them.  Aren't they adorable looking?  I know I want to make some 20s/30s clothes now to go along with them.  Add it to the list!

But, no, I must focus on the 1830s, not the 1930s.  Besides, the 1830s craze will be over by the time I get my little hands on the 23Skidoos!

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