Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Falling for shelf-reading.

I think I am finally getting recovered from the reading challenge this past weekend. That said, I did nearly fall asleep on my couch after work today. But maybe it was because there wasn't enough sweating going on in the book I was reading. (I was attempting to finish Falling for Romeo by Jennifer Laurens-it was the book my friend and I were using to read out-loud to each other during the time in the challenge when we were cooking dinner, the main male character likes to sweat, a lot).

I am currently working on one of my all-time favorite projects at the library. No, it is not prep work for computer classes (those I am very much not looking forward to). It's shelf-reading! Or, "refreshing the collection" as I like to call it. Do you know what it is one of my favorite and my bests? Not only do I get snatches of "me time" away from the desk, I also get to find rather interesting things our patrons have left behind in books. Okay, not everything is wonderful and fun (dirty tissues much?), but then you can also find some splendidly amusing notes, bookmarks, and drawings. I actually have a collection of them growing and I'm quite tempted to scan some of them to show you just how fabulous some of them are. Except then the patrons might start to think their privacy has been violated.

The most exciting thing I found today? A 2010 parking pass for Navy football games. One of these days I just know I am going to find a $100 bill instead of a growth of mold. I will, if I look in enough books! Of course, I'm also still waiting for a ginger-haired boy to come sweep me off my feet. Ever the optimist, here.

Oh, sure, shelf-reading also funnels my OCD-ness into respectable channels. The downside is how grumpy I get when a patron instantly starts to rearrange a shelf just after I had straightened it. It is a constant, and losing, battle this keeping the library clean.

One of these days I'll finish another book. And actually write a review on it. ;)


Sparrow said...

I'm trying to get in some shelf reading myself. In between preping for those lovely classes you spoke of.

Sparrow said...

PS: I think you may enjoy this blog

Kristin said...

Very fun. Nothing like hot, dead boys.

Have you seen this one: It's similar.