Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hour 48 is here. Finally!

Seriously, it is challenges like this, and my obstinate nature, that only propels my natural state of being a hypochondriac into overdrive. Like, maybe I should get some sleep, but, no, we stayed up and read the entire 48 hours. Go me! Two years in a row. However, if this is going to be the weekend date this challenge is held from now on, I'm doubting that I will be participating so heavily in it in the near future because I have a new nephew. He's so adorable! And hopefully he is doing well considering I was totally selfish and didn't call to ask about him this weekend at all. He is home from the hospital, I know that. I also didn't pick up my parent's call. I need to call them now to see when they are planning on arriving here today.

So I'm kind of tossed as what to do right now. Spruce up the apartment, take a nap, or go to church. At this moment, I'm actually feeling quite perky. Energy drink kicking in 6 hours late? Maybe so.

I think, however, I will hold off doing my last few reviews until the next post.

However, here are the books I read for this homestretch:

13) A Posse of Princesses by Sherwood Smith
14) Nightlight by The Harvard Lampoon
15) Bad Kitty: Catnipped by Michelle Jaffe
16) Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster
17) Hunger Games (audiobook) by Suzanne Collins

Time spent reading/blogging: 48 hours
Books read: 16
Pages: 4118
Money donated: $75.25

Let the partying begin!


Mystee said...

WOW! How awesome! You made all 48 hours :)

detweilermom said...

wow all you people doing over 40 hours and you doing the entire 48. Awesome!!

Julie said...

Congratulations, Kristin! Enjoy the party, :)

Lydia said...

WOW!! Super impressed!

MotherReader said...

Great job! Thanks for playing!

Beth said...

Well done! I'm hoping to squeak in with 30. I'm old.

I really like Daddy-Long-Legs, although I wasn't as pleased with Wishing For Tomorrow. I get grumpy when villains are rehabilitated.

Mama Librarian said...

You are amazing!!

Shelley said...

That's awesome! I know I could never do it! Congrats!

Jennie said...

Congrats! You're one of the winners! So cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if only you would blog more outside this one weekend a year. ;)

Kristin said...

Jennie, to be perfectly honest, I came out of this realizing that blogging isn't really all that hard and quite easy. And, I've been co-blogging with a friend of mine once a week for the past few months. I might just need to set a few days a week for blogging.

I need to do this more!

Lisa said...

Unreal! I can't even stay awake for and entire 24 hour readathon, let alone 48 hours. Congrats!

Amy said...

Congratulations - I'm so impressed!

Carmela Martino said...

Wow, congratulations! This is my first year participating, and I had no idea anyone read for the whole 48 hours.